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ISBN 978-8865-274163  

2372 - EPIC TAROT NETT* Details:

by Riccardo Minetti and artwork by Paolo Martinello.

Published by Lo Scarabeo

The Epic Tarot presents a fantasy world through which we can explore our connections to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual experiences of being human. The cards are designed to not only present a linear template for the journey but also to highlight the relationships between the cards. By paying attention to how the cards interact with each other, we can do readings more easily, seeing the big picture first and then following individual cards deeper to get more detail. Many tarot decks present the Major Arcana as a modified Hero's Journey, often call the Fool's Journey. The Epic Tarot takes its own Fool's Journey by exploring the connections between the Major cards in a nonlinear fashion, releasing the importance of rank and the limiting idea of linear progression that was based on Medieval philosophy. The Epic Tarot's structure focuses on the relationships between the cards.

78 card deck with booklet of instructions by Barbara Moore in English and translated into Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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