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ISBN 978-886527418-7  


by Eric Dunne/Kim Huggens

Published by Lo Scarabeo

The Tarot Apokalypsis, a masterpiece of the same creative team that produced the best-selling Enlightened Tarot, draws upon cultural, magical and subconscious thoughts not only of Western man, but of the entire world. The sumptuously powerful images reflect the glory and secrets of the mystical cults from every corner of the globe and all antiquity.

Indeed, each Arcanum holds a secret. In the Major Arcana the symbolism derives from ancient mystical religions, like the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece of the Durga Puja of India. In the Minor Arcana, the images derive from four different ancient civilisations, interpreted through their daily ties with magic and the divine. Finally, the Court Cards are archetypal divinities of these same civilisations.

All in all, the Tarot Apokalypsis is an initiatory path, not co some esoteric knowledge, but above all to self-knowledge and one's own subconscious, which in turn is born and nurtures the collective subconscious that has evolved through infinite generations of humanity. Change is born of knowledge.

78 cards with instruction booklet in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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