Cat Ref : MBS2700
Category : MBSTarot Card Decks & SetsTarot Decks and Sets S-Z
ISBN 0-91386-650-4

2700 - T G 700 TAROT SET NETT Details: 78 card-deck with instruction book and spread sheet

'The Tarot Cards for Fun and Fortune Telling' book is by S.R. Kaplan.

This Tarot Fortune Telling Game contains 78-card Tarot 1JJ deck in 7 colours made in Switzerland.

The book 'Tarot cards for Fun and Fortune Telling' is the only complete and authentic guide to the spreading and interpretation of the 1JJ deck.

The illustrated guide sheet is used for ancient 10-card spread.
Entertain your friends and family with your card-reading abilities for hours of fun where ever you are!

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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