Cat Ref : MBS2865GH
Category : MBSDivination Cards, Oracles & SetsDivination Cards, Oracles and Sets S-Z
by Angela Hartfield and Ekaterina Golovanova
ISBN 978-1-92216-193-2

2865GH - WHISPERS OF LORD GANESHA DECK Details: published by Blue Angel

Lord Ganesha, the renowned elephant-headed god, is one of the most revered and worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha’s energy has the power to clear obstacles, bestow wisdom and promote prosperity and success in all ventures.

Work with this unique deck to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Ganesha, patron of the arts and sciences and keeper of great knowledge. Call on him whenever you feel yourself in need of inspiration, guidance, and a clear path through the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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