Cat Ref : MBS8540
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by Kirsten Riddle
ISBN 978-1-78249-259-7  


Details: published by Cico Books

A fascinating insight into the origins of ancient signs and symbols and how to harness their power to benefit your life.

Many ancient signs and symbols surround us, but do we know what they mean and how can we use them? In this book, Kirsten Riddle helps you discover the origins behind ancient signs and symbols from around the world. She gives practical tips that you can use to tap into their power and transform any aspect of your life. Including relationships, career, health and finances. The symbols range from the famous Celtic Triqietra and Egyptian Ankh, to less well-known but equally powerful signs such as the Slavic Lunitsa and the Norse Jormungand. For each sign and symbol,Kirsten explains the origins and mythology and suggests a simple charm or spell that can be used to harness its energy. The book includes clear illustrations of 59 signs and symbols.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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