Cat Ref : MBS8639
Category : MBSBooks MbsWatkins Publishing
by Enza Vita
ISBN 978-1-7867-8061-4


Details: published by Watkins Publishing

This incredibly accessible guide to achieving lasting personal change through an understanding of non-duality is strongly endorsed by reknowned spiritual leaders Lama Surya Das and Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel. It is based on author Enza Vita's own profound encounter with enlightenment.

Instant Presence gets to the heart of what is wrong with so much of our spiritual strivings: if a practice is bound to a goal then that is an obstacle, because in reality there is no goal to be achieved. What we are looking for is here now and has always been.

This book shows that sudden awakening is an ever-present possibility and the direct realisation of our true nature is always available here and now.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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