Cat Ref : MBS9520
Category : MBSBooks MbsSearch Press
by Jean Haines
ISBN 978-1-78221-282-9

9520 - PAINT YOURSELF CALM * RRP: £15.99

Details: published by Search Press

Meditative, peaceful and calming, watercolour painting offers a sense of control and self-worth to everyone, with no judgement or goal beyond the joy of painting itself. This book shows you how to calm and enhance your outlook through the movement of brush on paper. Inspirational artist Jean Haines leads you on a journey through paint, showing you how to wipe away your worries with the soothing, gentle strokes of watercolour paint.

Paperback with flaps, 128 pages, 280 x 216 mm, colour throughout.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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