Cat Ref : PCGGBG12
Category : PCGFamily Fun GamesEducational / Family Fun Games
ISBN 8-91755-00012-0
Created by John D. Clair

GBG12 - RUMBLE PIE NETT Details: published by Goldbrick Games
2-6 players
ages 8 and up
30 minutes play time
easy to learn

Q: What do you get if you "wait your turn" in the middle of a pie fight?
A: A pie in your face!

Rumble Pie is the blazingly fast, incredibly fun card game that keeps everyone in the middle of the action from start to finish. Players slap down cards quickly to build piles, land a pie and... Kapow!... earn their team a point!

Piece of cake, right? Not when cards are flying in from every direction - any player can attack or defend on any other player's board at any time. Teams that work together, act fast and watch each other's back will surely have an edge when the pies start to fly.

6 Rumble Pie card decks
6 Rumble Pie battle boards
Game instructions

1. Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year 2013
2. Tillywig Toy Awards, Best Family Fun, Award Winner
3. Dr. Toys, Best Picks 2013
4. Mum's Choice Wards, Honouring Excellence.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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