Cat Ref : PCGPLE70100
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A Phonics and Matching Game!

PLE70100 - M IS FOR MOUSE NETT Details:

Designed by Reinhard Staupe.
M is for Mouse is the letter-learning game that's fun for everyone!

A is for Apple, B is for Banana! Each object forms a match with its first letter, and players must try to quickly find all of the pairs they can.
But there is a catch: every time you form a pair, either the letter or object gets covered up, and cannot be used again! Can you spot the most before they all get covered?
Players can enjoy M is for Mouse with 3 different levels of play!
* teaches letter & object recognition
* fast-paced visual perception
* early phonetic training

Ages 6 to adult, 2 - 5 players, 15 minutes playing time.
5 Reference Boards, 26 Playing Cards, 30 Chips & Instructions in English, Spanish and French.

Distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by David Westnedge Ltd.

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