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The Game that gets Your Grey Cells Working!

PLE79100 - HOP TO IT! NETT Details:

published by Playroom Entertainment.
Designed by Reinhard Staupe.

Time to get your memory moving with Hop To It! Take a deep breath, observe the row of objects, then you're off! As soon as you remember an item that's covered, the cover is removed and placed on the next item in the line. With only 30 seconds to remember all of the objects, you'll need to be quicker than a bunny rabbit as you hop from one item to the next.

Develops active working memory skills, timed object recognition, and challenging for all ages.

Ages 5 to adult, 2 to 6 players, 10 minutes playing time.

21 Object Tiles, 3 Cover Discs, Timer and Instructions in English, Spanish and French.

Destributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by David Westnedge Ltd.

Review by Ben Rainbird, actor and games enthusiast

Hop To It is a very simple memory game for ages five and up, where the aim is to remember as many objects as possible within the time limit. The box contains 21 Object Tiles, 3 Cover Discs and a 30-second sand timer.

To set up, all the Object Cards are arranged in a line on the table. The line can have various bends and curves in it, as long as itís a clearly defined line with a beginning and end.

The oldest player goes first, and takes a moment to try and remember the items shown on the Object Cards. When ready, two Cover Discs are placed over the first two Objects in the line. The other player is in charge of moving the Cover Discs when play begins proper. Now, the current player turns over the timer, and says what object is under the first disc. The player across from them now removes the disc and ďhopsĒ it over the second disc, thus concealing the next object. If the player remembered the object correctly, they continue by naming the one thatís just been covered up. This continues until the player gets one wrong, runs out of time or reaches the end of the line.

At the end of each playerís turn, they count the objects they remembered correctly and the final number is added to their score. The Object Cards are reshuffled and laid out in a new line, and then itís the next playerís turn. Once both players have had their turns, their scores are compared to find the winner.

Thereís not a huge deal that can be said about Hop To It, other than itís a good introduction to memory games for youngsters as itís very easy to grasp. You can rack up the difficulty level by making a very twisty-turny line of objects which makes things harder to remember, or by playing the Advanced game, which simply involves using the third Cover Disc so that three objects are concealed at any one time.

The rules are easy to memorise (appropriately, for this type of game), so itís very portable - the actual playing pieces take up next to no space at all, so a good one to keep young children occupied for a little while when on the go!

Distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by David Westnedge Ltd.

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