Cat Ref : MBS2834
Category : MBSDivination Cards, Oracles & SetsDivination Cards, Oracles and Sets H-R
ISBN 978-0-9808719-3-7  

2834 - ORACLE OF THE SHAPESHIFTERS NETT* Details: by Lucy Cavendish/Jasmine Becket-Griffith

published by Blue Angel Publishing

This is a quote from Jasmine's facebook announcement:

"This deck will feature my animal paintings - I'm a big animal lover and am really happy to showcase all of the paintings I've done featuring animals over the past couple of years. From ferrets, wolves, and cats, to dragons, insects, bats and squid! All sort of animals are represented - from traditional favourites to more obscure magical and even pre-historic creatures.

The writer for this project is once again the wonderful Lucy Cavendish (we make a good team!) and she has done an amazing job. The theme expands on the imagery and explores the ideas of animalistic traits, animals as spirit guides, animal totems, and of course - shapeshifters! This deck will be very insightful for personal guidance, use as an oracle, or just a fun way to collect a lot of little paintings (and a treat for anyone who loves animals, or just likes my artwork!)"

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