Cat Ref : MBS2835E
Category : MBSDivination Cards, Oracles & SetsDivination Cards, Oracles and Sets H-R
by Lindsay Tunkl
ISBN 9-781-9415-2984-3  

2835E - ORIGINS AND ENDINGS DIVINATION BOOK AND CARD DECK SET	Details: published by Parallax Press

Origins and Endings Divination Book and Deck is the perfect tool for turning anxiety and fear around death into an opportunity for growth and exploration. Original, startling inkblots paired with unique meditations and the author’s own eclectic interpretations offer illuminating, deeply personal insight into what we are attracted to and challenged by when thinking about death.

By combing two ideas, the Rorschach test and the concept of The End, this book and card deck provides readers with a new tool for understanding a world that is uncertain, scary and, more often than not, heartbreaking. Lindsay Tunkl uses a tender and humorous voice to offer principles from psychoanalysis, psychology, meditation, and popular culture, giving readers many options for interpreting the large, colorful inkblots she’s created. Origins and Endings is a contemplative tool for individuals and can easily be adapted to use with groups large and small.

Colourful, high-quality packaging--can be used as a fun, compelling party game or as a unique tool for self-discovery.

Box size is 230 x 155mm, cards are quite large as you can see from our image.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd.

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