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by Dr Sarah Brewer
ISBN 978-1-8590-6371-2  

9102 - EAT WELL STAY WELL RRP: £12.99

Details: published by Eddison

Nutrition is our first line of defence against disease--and a well chosen diet can alleviate and help prevent just about any health condition.

Here in Eat Well Stay Well, Dr Sarah Brewer reveals what to eat to beat fifty common ailments, based on the principles of nutritional medicine. From high blood pressure to eczema, and osteoarthritis to depression, find out what you should--and shouldn't--be eating to give your health a fighting chance.

With tasty recipes to try, plus advice on key superfoods offering all-round health benefits, Eat Well Stay Well shows you how to eat your way to staying healthy and happy as you age.

  • Packed with nutritional advice based on the latest scientific evidence
  • Organised by ailment for quick and easy reference
  • Recommends daily superfoods to incorporate in your daily disease-busting arsenal

    Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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