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aBRIDGEd - a brilliant card game - Bridge without the bidding,

For age 12 to adult - 3-4 players.

Click here to see the write up of aBRIDGEd from The Independent - 28th November, 2006. (This file is in .pdf format which can be read using Adobe Reader and is approx 700KB in size. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader if you don't already have it.)

Former British & English international, Maureen Hiron, bridge correspondent for 'The Independent', is a professional games inventor: in an effort to help halt the decline of bridge into a niche game played by the elderly, she has invented "aBRIDGED", bridge without the bidding. Already endorsed by the World Bridge Federation, it was launched to the bridge world and bridge press at the World Championships in Verona.

"ABRIDGED" is suitable for all age groups and when players feel ready to turn to bridge the transition is far easier than learning bridge from scratch. The rules can be assimilated in about 15 minutes by a complete beginner - then play is underway. "aBRIDGED" is no dumbing down game - all of bridge's card play is still there.

REVIEW FROM GREENOCK TELEGRAPH of 30.9.06 by Martin Garden, "aBRIDGED" is bridge without the bidding, with a commercial approach that does away with the jargon and introduces simplified cards and scoring.
It retains all the beauties of the card play and its rules can be understood in a few minutes.

Also from the AMERICAN BRIDGE LEAGUE PRESIDENT: It's a brilliant pre-bridge game that could only have been invented by a bridge player, the family will love it.

A revolution in Bridge. Sit back and enjoy an evening with friends and family ... simple, relaxing and fun. All you need is a deck of "aBRIDGEd" cards and some refreshments to start the night out right. "aBRIDGEd" is a refreshing new take on the game of Bridge - the card game that has been enjoyed around the world for decades. "aBRIDGEd" plays just like the classic game of Bridge, but without the complex bidding.

Maureen Hiron does it again with her new bridge game "aBRIDGEd". This is a simplified game with its own friendly pack of specially designed cards.

The beauty of "aBRIDGEd" is that it does not require the sophisticated bidding system associated with modern day bridge. The rules can be picked up in just a few minutes and players can be up and playing in almost no time.

There is every likelihood that when "aBRIDGEd" has been mastered, card players will make the crossover to bridge.

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