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ISBN 7-612577-003006  

BE272 - MR JACK - NEW YORK NETT Details:

by Bruno Cathala & Ludoovic Maublance

A game of investigation for 2 players aged 14 and up.

London, 19th November 1888. As part of the investigation into the "Jack the Ripper" affair, Francis J. Tumblety, a quack doctor, is arrested and released on bail. He immediately fells to the United States.

New York, Manhattan Island, January 1889. Alerted by London, the New York police are on the lookout for Temblety. Various witnesses confirm his presence in Manhattan and crimes are committed with a modus operandi similar to those in London. The police call upon some of the city's most eminent citizens to help them with their investigation. Is Tumblety really Mr. Jack? If not, who is he pretending to be? These are the stakes in Mr. Jack in New York.

1 game board representing Manhattan island. There is a game summary and turn track on the right of the board.

8 double-side Character tokens in 8 different colours, with Suspect on one side and Innocent on the other. You will need to apply the stickers to these tokens before the first game, ensuring that the colours match.
4 double-sided tiles with a Building site on one side and a Park on the other.
2 Investigation tiles.
8 light-blue backed Character cards representing the characters in the game, with pictograms symbolising movement and special powers.
7 double-sided tiles with a Metro entrance on one side and a Park on the other.
2 transatlantic Steamer tiles.
8 dark-blue-backed Alibi cards, one for each Character.
1 turn marker, grey.
6 double-sided tiles with a Gaslamp on one side and a Park on the other.
1 double-sided Informant token with a Talkative side and a Mute side.
1 Witness card with a Visible side and an Invisible side.

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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