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A Colour Recognition and Memory Game

PLE71200 - PICK A PAINT NETT Details:

ISBN 978-1-9326-9763-6  

published by Playroom Entertainment. Game design by Reinhard Staupe.

Pick a Paint is the game of Rainbow Recall! Players work together painting different objects with various colours until all of the objects are painted. But a colour can only appear once in each row in each column. Players can work together to complete the grid, or for more challenging play, remember what colour was used (and where) as the colours are hidden from view.

Teaches colour and object recognition.
Team or competitive play options.
Encourages memory skills.

Contents: 48 playing cards and instructions in English, Spanish and French.

For 2 to 4 players, 10 minutes playing time, ages 5 to adult.

Distributed exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland by David Westnedge Ltd.

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