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Category : PCGGames (PCG)Compendiums
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ISBN 401-4-1560-3289-7  

3289PH - 3-IN-1 CONFOUNDED TOWER NETT	Details: published by Philos

Three games in one!

Wobble Tower
The Wobble Tower is an exciting game of skill for the whole family. In this colourful variant, the bar is set even higher. Roll the dice and draw. Find out a log that matches the color on the cube. Take care that the pile does not collapse!

Dominoes is a popular classic game for two to four players. Distribute the pieces among the players and match them up. The player who drops all their dominoes first, wins!

The pair game is great for training your memory. Turn the blocks over so that all patterns are hidden, and then turn them over and try to match them!

Distributed by David Westnedge Ltd., London.

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